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Do you have a translation or copywriting project in English or Dutch? Looking for high-quality content at affordable rates and quick turnover?

Look no further. I am your guy.

My name is Kjell. I am a Flemish writer with native standards of English and Spanish. It would be an honour to help your business grow with creative texts, SEO copy or top-quality translations.

I’ve written 300+ articles on productivity, habits and home improvement. I also own a website, which I manage individually via WordPress. Feel free to contact me about any translation, editing, SEO or writing job you may have.

Have a look at my portfolio or blog to see my best work.

Are words just words?

Words are so powerful. They are more than a symbolic representation of objects or abstract things. Words can make you smile, words can make you love. Words can also make you cry and hate.

Words can make you the happiest person in the world. They can make you reach your goals and they can stand in the way. They can make people buy your product or they can make people hate you. Words have limitless possibilities.

Think carefully about how you use them.

Or find someone who knows how to use words to write for you.

Feel free to reach out with all your questions or inquiries.