La Crème de la Crème of Writing Online

I curated a list of 18 of my favourite articles about writing. Thanks to a mix of content about copy, storytelling and fiction, the quality of your writing will never be the same again after you read all of these.

As a personal challenge, I tried to improve the headline and subtitle for each article.

Do let me know what you think.

  1. Paul Graham. Everything you need to know about writing in 424 words. Start writing to generate ideas and share to build on them.

  2. Scott Adams (Dilbert Blog). 80% of the rules of good writing. Master these basic rules to write clearly and persuasively.

  3. Morgan Housel (Collaborative Fund) Less is more is the secret to better writing. Tell all you know and stop.

  4. Jessie Van Breugel (The Brave Writer). Why writing online is the best thing you can do to hone your skills. Tips and and trick to go from amateur to pro.

  5. Bobby Powers (Writing Cooperative). Write fiction like Neil Gailman. Thirteen tips to improve your writing and storytelling skills.

  6. Julian Shapiro: The one guide that will make writing 10 times easier. A full guide to better writing: idea generation, first drafts, reviewing and creating a writing habit.

  7. Paul Graham: Why your writing should be useful. Importance, novelty, correctness and strength are the key ingredients for a successful essay.

  8. Khe Hy: Think you can’t write? Five obstacles debunked. Why you should not be afraid to start writing and sharing it online.

  9. Harry (MarketingExamples): How to use conversational language to write better copy. 14 tips to make your audience feel more connected with your words.

  10. Roy Peter Clark (Poynter) 50 tips to make your writing more interesting. How to write more powerful fiction and suck readers into your story.

  11. Josh Spector (For the Interested): How to get people to start reading, read on and act. 13 rules to sharpen your editing process.

  12. Nivi (Venture Hacks) Why you should write like an entrepreneur. 16 tips to write like Buffett.

  13. Harry (Marketing Examples) Writing persuasive copy isn’t as hard as you think. 17 easy rules to make your copy sell.

  14. Josh Spector: 40 one-liners every writer will agree with. The truth about writing in short tips and applicable advice.

  15. Jacob M. Appel (Writer’s Digest): Get more interaction thanks to better introductions. 10 rules to make your story’s introduction stand out.*
  16. Justin Mikolay: How to make the ideas bigger and the word count smaller. Why you writing goes from left to right and editing from right to left.

  17. Matt Maiale, Julian Shapiro (Demand Curve): How to create headlines everyone will want to click. Showcase your benefits and solutions to create compelling copy.

  18. Ann Handley: How to write better when you think you’re good at writing. Nine writing rules by some the greatest writers of all times.

*Have a look at to find inspiration for your introductions.

I put all the knowledge from these sources and several more together in an ebook I will be publishing soon. It will be available on Gumroad.

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